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James D. Cummins and Company was founded November 3, 1965. We have been actively operating for the past 46 years as a roofing and waterproofing consulting firm that provides unbiased evaluations. We are not engaged in the manufacture, sale or the installation of any roofing, waterproofing or related products.

Our capabilities include the evaluation and technical services for survey reporting and general consulting on failure analysis, field supervision, recommendations, bid specifications, non-destructive testing, project administration, and inspections.

Although we are a consulting company involved with the total concern of the building envelope, James D. Cummins and Company has developed a particular expertise in the area of roofing. Including amongst the millions of various sloped square feet of roofing James D. Cummins and Company has either inspected, evaluated or designed the following systems: shingle, slate, copper, synthetic single plies, sprayed in place polyurethane, inverted roof assemblies, cold process, SBS modified and built-up roofing consisting of asphalt and coal-tar pitch.

James D. Cummins & Company
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